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Remote orders can only be placed through the online store and by telephone. Our Company does not receive or process orders placed via e-mail, or through its Social Media pages. In addition, any reference to the return form on the desired product is not considered an order. Therefore the following General Terms refer to the terms and conditions under which sales - purchases are made both through our Online Store and by telephone (hereinafter "General Terms of Purchase"). The seller is the Company.

 3.1 THE PRODUCTS through the Website promotes, promotes and sells to consumers (B2C) products of our Company, such as clothes, shoes and accessories etc (hereinafter the "Products").

The information that accompanies the Products displayed on is complete, true, valid and up-to-date, and their photos are a real, realistic and accurate representation of our Products, however the above guarantees are subject to any technical or typographical deficiencies or errors, which can not be predicted or have occurred unintentionally or due to interruptions of this Website or due to force majeure.

Specifically regarding the information provided on the availability of the Products, has received all the necessary technical and other means in order to be immediately informed of the availability of our Products, however it maintains an explicit reservation regarding the validity of the products available in the Online Store, as they may be updated within one (1) hour from the moment of their modification. Specifically for any errors in the prices of our Products, the provisions of Section IIII.C.2.4 below apply. reserves the right to choose at its sole discretion and discretion the Products that will be available for sale, and may from time to time withdraw or renew them freely and without obligation of your warning, consent and / or simple information. The same applies to any offers, discounts and any pricing policies followed from time to time, as this definition is at our sole discretion.

All products are available for personal use only and not for commercial use, such as resale.


    1. Basic Condition for Ordering

In order to be able to place your order you should first check if the country and / or the postal code of the area where the products you want to buy will be sent, is currently served by our Company. Our Company, except for Greece and Cyprus, basically executes orders in all the countries served by the network of the courier company UPS, with which we cooperate for the sending of your orders. For more information on shipping countries, visit the USP website at If the country / postal code-area you entered is not served, you can contact us at 210-8082955, or by sending an e-mail to


2. Submitting an order - Completion of a sales contract

Use the categories located in the main MENU of the Website, navigate to it and find what you are looking for.

Check the Products you want to buy in the shopping cart by clicking on the link / icon "SHOPPING CART" which is located in the upper right part of the Website. You can use the remove / delete button to remove Products from your cart before completing your order.

In order to complete your order, you must provide us with some important personal information for the processing of your order, information regarding the payment and shipping of the Products, etc. This information is: name, surname, email, Telephone, postal address (street, number, city, postal code, country as well as your card details in case you choose to pay by credit card.

Your registration as a Member in for the opening of your personal Account, is not a necessary condition in order to submit your order and make a purchase from our Online Store. However, opening your own Account allows you to access the history of your orders / purchases and a list of your favorite Products of our store.

The process of registering as a Member and opening your Account at is quick and simple: either via facebook or you state your email and a password-password. Registration and participation as a Member is free, it is personal, non-transferable and inviolable. You are responsible for the information you provide to us and is based exclusively on your statements regarding your personal information. Your personal information that you provide us during your registration as a Member, our Company processes exclusively for the purpose of creating your Account at, for your service regarding the purchase and delivery of the Products you purchase from our Electronic Store (eg to ensure the possibility of contacting you, for the completion, shipping and delivery of your order, for the payment and our safe financial transaction and for the shipping to you of the purchased Products) and in addition for the shipping to you of our newsletters and other promotional, promotional updates. Regarding the collection and processing of your personal data, the terms and conditions of the Personal Data Protection Policy of apply, which Terms and Policies you declare that you have read, understand and accept fully and unconditionally. All your personal information, which is collected through the special electronic form is absolutely necessary for the conduct of the above transactions and your registration indicates your full consent. In case of change of data, you must inform us immediately about your new data, so that it is always complete and true. By registering in accordance with the above, you give your explicit consent to the collection and processing of your data based on these General Terms of Use and Purchase of You have the opportunity to withdraw at any time your consent for the collection and processing of your personal data that you have provided to us in accordance with the above, by deleting a Member by sending a relevant email to

You can also open an account at through your Facebook account. In this case, will ask you to give your permission to have access to all the information you have stated on Facebook to be public. You have the opportunity, at any time, to access your data, or you can also at any time request the immediate deletion or correction of your data, their temporary non-use by, their commitment or non-transmission, following same as above emailing process to us. In any case, your details are kept by only for as long as you are a registered Member.

Participation as a member is possible only for natural or legal persons with full legal capacity. Minors (persons under 18 years of age) are excluded from acquiring the status of Member.

Once you have placed the final Products in your "SHOPPING CART", you have one more step left to complete the submission of your order, the "click" on the "ORDER COMPLETION" button.

Your orders can be placed at all hours of the day and on a daily basis without exceptions.